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IVAX offers solutions for all types of:

IVAX offers complete solutions to the paper maker with a line of specialty products which includes a full range of sizes, strength resins, retention aids, biocides, deposit control and defoamers. IVAX also offers a complete line of equipment needed to deliver its products to the paper machine.

IVAX products are used by customers utilizing a full range of pulps including all types chemical wood pulps, de-ink, mechanical and agro based fibres.

IVAX products are suitable for all the common paper fillers including talc, clays, TiO2, GCC and PCC.

IVAX machines are utilized in Printing and Writing grades manufactured by our customers for modern high performance printing machines without slip, linting or press break issues.

IVAX has specialty internal and surface size treatments to meet the demands of newer ink jet paper printing requirements.

IVAX has extensive experience in producing slip free papers which perform on modern high speed copiers and converting equipment without paper jams or missed feed problems.

IVAX internal and surface treatment systems perform well in the complex systems used in producing the special requirements of security paper.

IVAX AKD and/or Cationic rosin sizes in combination with our strength, retention and biocide systems can meet the unique requirements of the liquid packaging papers segment.

IVAX offers a system of ASA or cationic rosin size together with strength and retention aids to meet the special requirements of this building product paper grades.

Duplex board grades on MG machines have special chemical needs which can be met with IVAX cationic rosin alone or in combination with ASA, in addition to strength resins, retention polymers and process aids.

With modern printing machines demanding higher paper quality in terms of reduced linting, improved dimensional stability and fewer breaks there is a growing trend to use more sizing and strength additives in this paper segment.