For Internal Sizing

  • Alkaline Size System – with ASA/AKD
  • Binary size System
  • Acid size System
  • Surface Sizing

For Retention and Drainage

  • Single Polymer System
  • Dual Polymer System
  • Micro particle System, Bentonite /silica System

Control / Cleaning Systems

  • Microbicides
  • Anti-foam and defoaming agents
  • Boil out chemicals
  • Wire Passivation
  • Continuous and batch Felt and wire cleaning chemicals
  • Deposit Control Programs

For Increasing Ash

  • HI- ASH

Lint Control

  • Starch based bio degradable Polymers

We also deal in chemicals for

  • Static Control
  • Anti Slip
  • Trash Control
  • Dry And Wet Strength
  • Inkjet Printing
  • Improving Stiffness – Strength – Burst
  • Broke Control
  • Fluff Control


Technical Support

Technical Support

We have a team of global technical expertswith specialization in sizing, retention and drainage, biocides and deposit control programs. These
technical experts are
available 24 hours of the day, throughout the year and are just a phone call away.

Contact one of our experts today to know how they can help you make a difference.

Chemical make down and feed systems for almost all types of liquids and dry products are also available either for use with our chemicals or for outright sale.

Technical Service

Technical Service

IVAX offers technical service for

  • • Cost reduction.
  • • Improving quality.
  • • Improving productivity.
  • • Trouble Shooting.
  • • Developing new product/quality.

On demand, a detailed plant survey and tests are carried out at the customer’s location to select suitable products and thereafter a complete technical support is also provided during the plant trial.

r&d center

Research and Development

To catch up with the growing demands of packaging and printing, we help our customers to meet the challenges poised by the end users. To meet this and to innovate and introduce new products, a dedicated PRODUCTION LAB , R & D and APPLICATION LAB equipped with modern and latest equipment is in place at our facility in Hyderabad which works closely with the user, our application team and our technical consultants, partners and collaborators.

A new state of the art R & D Centre has also been recently inaugurated at our new plant in Kandy which will focus on new product development and innovations with existing products.

Let us find the right solution for your business