Feed Systems

Made to Order Systems

Ivax offers a complete range of make down and feed systems for dosing chemicals and optimize performance. We understand the importance of trouble free operation with minimum down time for our customers and hence we provide the best systems mounted on a skid to our customers so they have minimum operating hassles and are aware of exactly what is going into their system and how.

Our systems are manufactured at our state of the art plant in Kandy. Each part of the skid is carefully selected and put together by a group of expert engineers and then tested many times before it is sent to our customers. The level of automation is customized according to the demands of our customer. We maintain spares of all equipment/parts dispatched to our customers so our customers have no hassles in case of a break down in our skids.

Feed Systems

We have equipment readily available for

  • Online ASA emulsification and dosage, with or without mill cooked starch. Completely automated or semi automated.
  • Polymer make down and dosing systems with online dilution facility.
  • Singlex and Duplex dosing units with or without online dilution for various dosing applications. These can be used with most liquid products, can be customized for special needs and applications.
  • Polymer dilution & bentonite make down units.

We have a team of expert engineers who can design and develop any kind of equipment to meet the demands of our customers. We even custom make systems for any specific or special applications.

Let us find the right solution for your business