All IVAX manufacturing facilities are completely environment friendly!

At Ivax, Green is a very important color. Not because it’s fashionable to be environment friendly,because we really care. Everything we do, is guided by an ingrained concern for the well being of this planet.

We manufacture chemicals, but with outmost care. We operate under a completely closed loop system and have zero effluents from our manufacturing process which means that we do not release/drain any of our chemicals into the atmosphere. We have world-class pollution control equipment, scrubbers, air-purifiers etc which absorb any harmful gases and prevent any form of pollution – zero air pollution, zero water pollution and zero land pollution!

Apart from the above, we invite professional pollution control companies from time to time to check the quality of air and water at our production plants and help us keep a control over our emissions.

We are also striving towards developing chemicals that would help recycle paper, help in reducing the quantity of wood used in paper or reduce use of hazardous chemicals used in paper. We are glad to support global paper makers in reducing their carbon foot print and also happy that more and more paper is also being recycled today.