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IVAX paper chemicals

Ivax manufactures, speciality chemicals for paper and paperboard industries.. IVAX has three manufacturing facilities in India and one in Thailand. IVAX a complete range of chemicals used for paper and paperboard manufacturing. Majority of the products manufactured by us are used at the wet end section of papermaking. Our products include a complete range of sizing chemicals, retention aids, coagulants, flocculants, strength aids, drainage aids, fluff and lint control chemicals, preservation chemicals, anti foams, cleaning chemicals, a range of organic and inorganic biocides, pulping aids, enzymes etc.

IVAX has created direct employment for over 350 paper enthusiasts, majority of which are in techno-commercial sales. IVAX has developed a sister company in IVAX Flow Control systems, to build, assemble and/or manufacture automated dosing and feed systems for use with its chemicals. We can build systems for make down, feed and dosing any product, liquid or dry, as per design specifications.

IVAX is often looked upon as a one-stop shop solution provider for any and all chemical requirements of a papermaker. paper-tree-about IVAX has a global presence and sells products in various countries including India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, UAE, KSA, South Africa, Egypt, parts of Europe, Latin America, Russia etc. The list of countries is growing rapidly with more and more satisfied customers.

From supplying quality products, to shipping them in our dedicated tankers to our customers, to dosing it onto the paper machine using sophisticated automated equipment, to applying it correctly and providing on site technical support 24 x 7, to providing customized and tailor made cost effective solutions. If you think paper chemicals, think of us.

Our Values


To empower our customers with environmentally sustainable & cost effective solutions to make paper come alive.


To provide chemical solutions for paper making.


IVAX takes the responsibility to preserve and protect the environment by providing products of chemical paper.